About the Pastor

We at Chappelow Ridge Baptist Church love and appreciate him. Here is why;

Family -Pastor Fowler and his wife Avis have been married for almost 50 years. A great example to the other families in our church.

Work ethic -Pastor Fowler and his wife are workers. spiritually and physically. They set an example for all of us. They mop, they sweep, they clean, just like the rest of us.

Education -Pastor Fowler has a Graduate of Theology and a Bachelor of Science (Theology) from the Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Mo., and a Masters and a Doctor of Ministry from Tyndale Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, TX.

Military -Pastor Fowler went into the Army in the early 60s. After becoming a paratrooper and going to some other specialized military schools he was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division. He deployed to Vietnam with the 82nd during the TET OFFENSIVE February 1968. He stayed with the conventional units for eight months then became the leader of a special operations group. Four months later he extended to stay in Vietnam and went to (MACV)  Military Assistance/Advisory Command Vietnam. Brother Fowler worked as an advisor until mid - 1969, when a man walking next to him stepped on a large landmine. The landmine hit Brother Fowler in the abdomen, hip, and legs.He was awarded a Purple Heart metal, The Army Commendation Metal and Two (2) Bronze Star Metals.

Testimony -Right before being wounded in Vietnam Brother Fowler found a Gideon New Testament in an old bombed out building. He took it back to his grass house read all the way through it. God used it. A couple days later he was wounded.  After being transfered back to the states he went to a Baptist church and was gloriously saved.

Public Service -Pastor Fowler holds a first Degree Black Belt in traditional AIKIDO, 5th Degree Black Belt in Kito Ryu, Ueshiba Ryu, Tomiki Ryu, Geis Ryu AIKIDO.He has also had extensive training in combat and pressure point fighting. Brother Fowler has trained police officers, military personnel, school teachers and bus drivers. Free no charge.

Final Comment -Dr. Fowler's preaching is practical usable and clear. His Bible teaching is Book by Book, Chapter by Chapter, Verse by Verse. Always from the King James Version. If you love and want to be taught the Word od God, Chappelow Ridge Baptist Church is the place and Dr. Fowler is the teacher and preacher you are looking for.